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Pattara Place : Daily-Monthly open 24 hours

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Wellcome to Pattara Place

Pattara Place Serviced Apartments are a forefront expert in providing the fresh alternative to Hotel living in Chiangmai. We strive to provide an upscale, modern and luxurious living while preserving a local friendly hospitality to all of our customers. Whether it is a Short term or extended stay, the apartment is a move-in ready, fully furnished and well equipped with all amenities. You will enjoy a nice living under Doi Suthep view with your very own private balcony. Stay with us and make your stay a memorable one! 

·       Public Transportation is just 15 minutes away from Chiang Mai International Airport. Enjoy some of Chiangmai's beautiful Landmarks such as Doi Suthep Temple, Nimanheamen Road, Tha Pae Walking-Street, and the Night Bazaar within convenient driving.

·       Our attentive and service-minded staffs will ensure that you will have a great stay with us.


Air-Conditioned, 29’’ Flat Screen TV, Cable TV, Refrigerator, Electric Shower, Personal Mailbox, In-House Maintenance, Building Security Guard, High Speed internet& Wi-Fi, Luxury Modern and Fully Furnished, 24-hour Camera Surveillance On Every Floor.

For Daily: Superior King Bed          690         Baht / Night
                 : Superior Twin Bed          790         Baht / Night


For Monthly: Starting 5,500 Baht / Month


If you are interested, please contact us

Tel. 053-231555 or 088-2589265

Email :

Lind ID: pattaraplace


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  • ที่อยู่ : 10/3 MuenDamprakot Rd Soi 9 T.ChangPuek Amphoe Muang Chiangmai Thailand 50300
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